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Sometimes People Suck, And So Does Fashion

Posted on: Monday, October 14, 2013

Everyday we are always passing some sort of judgement on something: "I hate those shoes, she looked ridiculous, he lives where?" We are a very critical society and often we are caught up in the negative aspects of life. The reason I titled this post "Sometimes People Suck, And So Does Fashion," is because recently I've been caught in a whirlwind of emotions towards people and fashion. Fashion month ended a couple weeks ago and I was left feeling really apathetic about talking about the shows. There were things that I loved and loathed, but I was just tired of hearing about it. Recently my life has been FASHION FASHION FASHION and I'm getting really tired of it. Fashion itself does not suck, I love it, but some aspects of fashion are just getting to me. I wanna go on a hike, or wear crocs to a county fair, who knows? I just wanna take a little break from all things a la mode, I wanna just forget about mass fashion for a while, and focus on my own designs. Sometimes you need a break from the things you love most. Lately, I've felt the same way about people. I think I need a social break from everything and just spend some time reflecting on how blessed I am to be here now doing what I'm doing. When you're in a great place you can't let all these little, and maybe big things get to you too much. You will dig your grave if you focus too much of your time on all of the negative things going on. I mean, we have all been in the wrong, and we've also been on the other side of the wrong. I'm no angel, I have certainly acted in un-kosher ways, but I'm also not foreign to being caught in the rumour mill a time, or fifty. It just gets exhausting, but the sad fact is , it'll never change and that's why people suck. We all just suck. But I have faith in others and the future. Things almost always get better, and they certainly do with a little help from God, tbh. I'm just gonna take it easy for a bit.

Late to the Ceremony - Opening Ceremony SS14

Posted on: Wednesday, September 18, 2013

I know this is probably old news, but I don't care because I do care... about my Opening Ceremony fashion show experience. Sunday, September 8th, I got to be a part of something grander than I ever imagined. Opening Ceremony, the brand I intern for, had their first ever fashion show, and needless to say they revved their engines (literally) and showed off for their debutant runway presentation. The show was inspired by the Korean culture and, well a little Fast and Furious. When I first started my internship they explained that the show was going to involve cars, but I didn't know to what extent. Not until we arrived at Pier 57 (Super Pier), for the run-through with the cars and the drivers, did I realize how big this was going to be. We walked in the building and before us were a bevy of beautiful expensive and exotic cars. Top of the line Lambos, Ferraris, and Aston Martins were in attendance. I LOVE cars, so this was a bit of a dream for me. I mean, fast cars, fashion and models, what more could I ask for? The day after the run through the show went off without a hitch. The music, models and car were all at the peak of their performance and the clothes weren't to bad either.

TOTAL HONESTY AHEAD! After the show, when I got home, I shed a few tears of happiness because I am so blessed to be doing everything that I always wanted to do. I am literally living my dream, and all my family and friends could't be prouder. There is only a tinge of sadness in that my father isn't here to see me succeed, but I know if he were, he would be overwhelmed with happiness. I just thank God everyday for letting me live out this dream. But enough with all that sap, watch the show.

WAL-MART Challenge

Posted on: Saturday, August 17, 2013

A while back I said that I would take a self titled Wal-Mart challenge. The challenge was to take 5 items off the Wal-Mart shelves and make them cool and stylish in some way shape or form. You know me, I'm a huge proponent of making things from Wally World happen. Well, I went to WM and made it happen. My purchases included:

1. a giant mustard sweatshirt - $3
2. a hawaiian print shirt - $12
3. a white button up - $16
4. a navy baseball cap - $7
5. a denim short sleeve button up - $10

So for roughly $50 I got a nice array of items that I will actually wear. I am most excited for my XL mustard sweatshirt, mainly because there was an Acne Studios version for around $150 that I wanted, but I'll stick with my $3 Hanes version. I get a bit of a thrill fooling people into thinking that a piece of clothing is from somewhere cool, when actually it's from your neighborhood Wally! The trick to finding decency in the fluorescent lit aisles of WM is to look for basics. They have good neutral pieces, that can easily mesh well into one's current wardrobe. Their plaids and other prints aren't the best, even though I got lucky with a Hawaiian shirt, most of the time I'm not so lucky. Most of the time the prints can give away the quality of the product, often the color combos are just not ideal, therefor a NO GO.

Moral of the story is that fashion and style can be found at Wal-Mart if you know how to shop it. To be honest, had I been at WM and seen this sweatshirt I would have purchased it regardless of this self challenged Challenge.

Animals for Fashion

Posted on: Friday, August 2, 2013

Back in July Alexander Wang invited fans to an "event," which turned out to be a T by Wang Free 4 All, literally. He told the devoted Wang-ers that all of the merchandise in the next room, new and old, is free and to take as much as you physically can. This sounds amazing doesn't it? That was exactly my thought, and then I saw the video of the event. I don't know if you've seen World War Z or not, but the zombies in the film are disturbing and primal, a lot like the people at the T Wang Free 4 All. I mean people let their inner animal out for his signature tees and sweats. I'm sorry Xander Wang, I love your T Wang merch, but I would not fight Hipster Jo Schmo for a nice cotton slouchy tee. I just wouldn't do it.   But if you would, do you. Do. You.

Now Enjoy The Video - Or Don't

Kenzo - At It Again

Posted on: Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Campaign videos are a thing of the present, and I'm not complaining. Whenever I design a collection I often think of every aspect of presenting the collection. I start with the presentation, the ad campaigns, and the videos that I want to go along with the collection. That can be the best part of coming up with new ideas. It really helps me keep up the inspiration. If I feel like I've completed a set of designs and then think of all the presentation accoutrement, I can potentially help me better the designs, thus bettering the collection. It comes full circle, muchacho. With that bit of information I will let you watch the video now. Good Eye Might.

The Edits

Posted on: Friday, July 12, 2013

So after we photographed the Editorial - Surfers's Athletica, I wanted to play with the images a little bit. My friends, Mary Grace and Claire, who so graciously helped with this shoot, spent so much time taking these pictures, I thought I would get the most out of them. In playing with the photos I made some really cool images out of them, all with the help of Photoshop. Here are some of the outcomes.

Surfer's Athletica

Posted on: Monday, July 8, 2013

This Spring/Summer season we've seen a lot athletic inspired fashion. Whether it be neoprene biker jackets, PVC and mesh evening bags, or Nylon suiting, there has been a preponderance of athletica breaking into the fashion industry. I for one have loved this trend from the very beginning stages. I jumped on board and have not looked back, originally I designed with this trend in mind, but now I'm wearing it. There is something so refreshing about wearing a mesh jersey with a nice pair of slacks, it feels and looks new, and well it is actually quite refreshing having a little breeze now and then. I'm also fond of the athletic sandals and suit look, this not being quite as new of an idea, but I still whole heartedly dig this look. I think sometimes when you get into wearing some sort of uniform, i.e. canadian tuxedos or all black, you can become either complacent or apathetic, and that's generally undesirable. I think I wore the same outfit (black pants, black shirt, black jacket) more than a fourth of my time at school this past year, seriously. It gets boring wearing the same thing all the time, even if you have a closet full of "all black everything," but I don't always have the time or take the time to think out a great outfit everyday.  We are always looking for something more, or at least I am. Which is why this new new sporty trend is really resonating with me. It is opening a lot of new doors that had been partially closed before. In the past if I showed up wearing a jersey people would be a little confused, but that is in the past, kind of. I must be careful of where and around whom I practice this trend, but practice I shall.

This brings us to the editorial I have prepared you for in the past few weeks. I have wanted to do something like this for a while, but hadn't found the time, until now. I had wanted to do a shoot including multiple looks and a general theme, and it seemed like a bit of a challenge, but once I had done it, it wasn't so difficult after all. I did have a lot of help, you know who you are. Anyway, the photos follow.

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